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There is no doubt, Bali is a city that is so exotic with a variety of beauty in every corner. Ranging from culinary, crafts, villas, even tourist attractions. So much beauty about the islands in Bali. It also includes the amazing water sport Tanjung Benoa Water Sport. Be treated to a variety of beautiful natural scenery and natural scenery under the sea that is so amazing. Some choices of watersports that you can enjoy during your vacation in Bali include:

1. Parasailing

By playing parasailing you can enjoy various beautiful beaches. Besides that you can feel the feeling of flying in the air by using a parachute, circling around the sea from above, and being able to test your courage guys. This water game is suitable for you who want to stimulate adrenaline while watching the exotic beaches at Tanjung Benoa. You must try this Tanjung Benoa Water Sport game in Bali.

2. Tanjung Benoa Flyboard

This game works by relying on pressure and given water that will be connected to the jet that will attract the flyboard. So when the jetski starts walking, the flyboard will rise above sea level with a height of 5 meters and the flyboard will release the water earlier. However, don't worry for those of you who don't have experience with this vehicle because there will be professional instructors who will give instructions before playing flyboard.

3. Jet Ski

Jet ski or also called motor boat is one of the rides offered at Tanjung Benoa Water Sport. By playing this jet ski you can go around the coast of Tanjung Benoa and can even see a variety of scenery there. Jet skiing is a favorite vehicle for local and foreign tourists visiting the Tanjung Benoa Water Sport.

4. Rolling Donut

the rolling donut here is a rubber boat shaped like a donut (not perforated in the middle) which is being pulled in the middle by using a speed boat. The position of the people who play this vehicle will sit in the middle of the basin on a rubber boat. By being pulled using a speed boat, you can enjoy the feeling of being tossed by the waves of the beach water and the breeze on the beach. This rolling donut provides for 1 person, 2 people, even 4 people.

5. Banana Boat

With a shape similar to a yellow banana, you must try it when you are in Tanjung Benoa. Each banana boat can be filled by a maximum of 5 people. Pulled using a speed boat, this banana boat glides on the water with a variety of slopes and trajectories that will make passengers hysterical. However, don't worry for those of you who have never played this vehicle because this water vehicle is equipped with complete international standard equipment and professional trainers.

6. Sea Walker

If the five rides above are games that are played on water or even in the air, Tanjung Benoa Water Sport also offers various underwater games. With the beauty of the underwater at Tanjung Benoa, you can see a variety of natural marine populations. Such as various types of fish, plants, rocks, and coral reefs. Diverse ecosystems like this you can increase your insight about the sea and eliminate fatigue. Sea walker or a walk on the sea is an extraordinary experience that you must try when you are on holiday in Tanjung Benoa. Before you play sea walker, you will be guided by an instructor. Don't be afraid, dear dear, under the sea, because there will be instructors who will accompany your sea walker adventure. In addition to the instructor, there is also a safe and complete equipment used for sea walkers such as special helmets with oxygen cylinders to help breathe underwater.


Terms & Conditions:

  • FREEdrop airport when check out if you take full day tour three times (Hotel in Kuta Area)
  • Payment INCLUDESfuel, parking fee, English speaking driver
  • Payment EXCLUDESentrance fee, attractions/activities fee and meals
  • Free  mineral water
  • Tour is private, no other participants (maximal 6 people)
  • Car with good air conditioning
  • Pick up area Ubud, kuta, Legian, Seminyak, Canggu (for other pick up area please contact us)
  • Time and Tourist site is subject to change based on your request

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